Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Off to Italy

Ohhhhhh to blog again. But, the best part is there is travel involved.
Our neighbor Leigh Dawkins found this great deal for a cruise around Italy
and ask us if we would like to go. And amazingly Ray said yes. I suspect the reason partly is because he enjoyes their company.

At any rate we depart PNS Thursday, September 30 and arrive Rome Oct. 1 and board our ship Oct 2. It is a two week cruise and we begin & end in Rome. We will stay in Rome an additional day to see the Vitican. Hope I get my pass port stamped and can get a Vitican stamp. Our itinerary is as follows:

  • Saturday, Oct 2 board ship
  • Sunday, Oct 3, Sorrento (can you say lemons)
  • Monday, Oct 4, Sorrento
  • Tuesday, Oct 5, Taormina (Sicilly & Mt Etna)
  • Wednesday, Oct 6, @ sea
  • Thursday, Oct 7, Ravenna (Bologna)
  • Friday, Oct 8, Trieste (wine country)
  • Saturday, Oct 9, Venice
  • Sunday, Oct 10, Venice
  • Monday Oct 11, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Tuesday, Oct 12, @ sea
  • Wednesday, Oct 13, @ sea
  • Thursday, Oct 14, Florence (saved the best for last)
  • Friday, Oct 15, Florence
  • Saturday, Oct 16, back to Rome & the Vitican

It maybe Tuesday, Oct. 5, before I make another entrie. By that time maybe the numbness will have worn off. But, I hope you will come along with us. I promice to feed you from time to time.

PS O Sole Mio translates to "There's no Tomorrow".........so enjoy today!! That is Leigh's favorite song which she sings rather badly.

I thought about naming the blog.........."Il bel far niente" which translates "the beauty of doing nothing"..........Which they could put on my gravestone. I must learn the correct pronunciation.


  1. Take me along!!!
    Have a fabulous time. I'm glad you are doing a blog.
    We had a great time making table runners. We'll show you how.

  2. Alright Mrs. Moody....you promised to feed us from time to time! We're hungry! We might need to see the Vatican stamp for proof you went. Hoping to make it there after Christy and I climb "over our hill". :)

  3. Pretty Bad no updates. Why Tease ????