Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Off to Italy

Ohhhhhh to blog again. But, the best part is there is travel involved.
Our neighbor Leigh Dawkins found this great deal for a cruise around Italy
and ask us if we would like to go. And amazingly Ray said yes. I suspect the reason partly is because he enjoyes their company.

At any rate we depart PNS Thursday, September 30 and arrive Rome Oct. 1 and board our ship Oct 2. It is a two week cruise and we begin & end in Rome. We will stay in Rome an additional day to see the Vitican. Hope I get my pass port stamped and can get a Vitican stamp. Our itinerary is as follows:

  • Saturday, Oct 2 board ship
  • Sunday, Oct 3, Sorrento (can you say lemons)
  • Monday, Oct 4, Sorrento
  • Tuesday, Oct 5, Taormina (Sicilly & Mt Etna)
  • Wednesday, Oct 6, @ sea
  • Thursday, Oct 7, Ravenna (Bologna)
  • Friday, Oct 8, Trieste (wine country)
  • Saturday, Oct 9, Venice
  • Sunday, Oct 10, Venice
  • Monday Oct 11, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Tuesday, Oct 12, @ sea
  • Wednesday, Oct 13, @ sea
  • Thursday, Oct 14, Florence (saved the best for last)
  • Friday, Oct 15, Florence
  • Saturday, Oct 16, back to Rome & the Vitican

It maybe Tuesday, Oct. 5, before I make another entrie. By that time maybe the numbness will have worn off. But, I hope you will come along with us. I promice to feed you from time to time.

PS O Sole Mio translates to "There's no Tomorrow".........so enjoy today!! That is Leigh's favorite song which she sings rather badly.

I thought about naming the blog.........."Il bel far niente" which translates "the beauty of doing nothing"..........Which they could put on my gravestone. I must learn the correct pronunciation.